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A Coffee Break Story Collection

Three of Sally Jenkins’ short story collections brought together in one bumper volume!

This compilation contains all 36 stories previously published in Sally’s individual collections, One Day for Me , Old Friends and House Guests . Enjoy tales with a twist, competition-winning prose and gentler slices of life, with a hint of romance.Many of these successful stories were selected for inclusion in UK publications such as The Weekly News, My Weekly and The People’s Friend.

“ Sally Jenkins knows how to build a story. She takes the mundane, and makes it intriguing. She hooks the reader, and reels him in ... her capacity for twisting each tale's ending is nothing short of phenomenal. ” - US Readers’ Favorite Book Review Website.

Delve inside and discover how the past catches up with a government minister. Read a tale of TV talent shows and first love. And experience a school French exchange visit with a difference …

A Coffee Break Story Collection

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    Sally Jenkins

  • Lehekülgi


  • Keel


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